Polartec and American Roots

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Emerging out of Portland, Maine is a brand new label called American Roots. Founded as a sister company to Old Port Wool & Textiles Co., American Roots is a family-run business that will sell garments made out of Polartec Fleece. These items will be 100% American-made, Union-made, and customized for corporations, institutions, Unions, and individuals. A keynote in this brand’s story is that they are creating a workforce by implementing a training program that gives women in need and immigrants the chance to learn how to sew, improve their English, make good wages, and ultimately enhance their lives. 

We had the pleasure to visit American Roots co-owners and founders Ben Waxman and Whitney Reynolds, as well as Ben’s mother and Old Port Wool & Textiles founder, Dory Waxman at their production facility in Portland. We were more than impressed by the passion and story behind this brand. 

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